Practicum Process Overview

1. Application (Winter-Spring prior to the Integrated Practicum Course)

  • Early March: Eligible students invited to attend Practicum Information Session.
  • May: Submit the Practicum Application (on Experience York platform). Applications for the Winter 2021 practicum are due May 18, 2020.
    • Students will be notified when they have been given access to the Practicum Application on the Experience York platform.
    • The Application includes: supplemental documents (resume, statement of interest, 2 references) and a general interest questionnaire about students' practicum preferences (i.e. location, population, health issue, type of organization).
    • Students are strongly advised to access Career Center resources and support to review and polish resume and statement of interest for practicum.
  • May-June: Sign up and attend individual or small-group meet & greet
    • To discuss practicum interests (e.g. international/domestic, population, issues).

2. Matching and Confirmation (Summer-Winter)

  • Spring and Summer: Students are expected to be attentive to their e-mail for messages from program staff.
    • Students are encouraged to attend Interview Skills workshop from the Career Centre and prepare for the matching process.
  • By the end of Fall term: In most cases, students will have been informed of their practicum site.
    • Decisions will be based on students’ applications, the program support team’s assessment of fit, in addition to placement availability and requirements.
    • Practicum sites may also request to interview students before confirming their placement. Interviews may start in late Summer and continue until the end of Fall.

3. Preparation (Fall-Winter)

  • September-January: Students are expected to participate in 3 separate day-long seminars aimed at preparation for the practicum.
    • Content includes: logistics & placement planning; inter-cultural understanding; ethics and professionalism; cultural adjustment; safety and security; student code of conduct; and a review of the course syllabus and assignments.

4. Integrated Practicum Course (Winter-Spring)

  • January-March: Students will be in their practicum sites.
    • During this time, they will be expected to attend regular (bi-weekly) online seminars led by the practicum course director, and to submit required course assignments.

5. Re-entry and Debriefing Seminar (Spring)

  • Early April: Upon their return from their practicum placements, students will participate in a day-long, re-entry seminar.
    • Includes: Sharing and debrief of their experience, and preparation for the Research Capstone course.

6. Research Capstone Course (Spring)

  • April: Complete the two-week HH/IHST 4400 Research Capstone Course.
    • Present findings from their experience during a seminar and final poster session.

Download a PDF of the Practicum Process Overview for the January 2021 practicum.

Winter 2021 Practicum Application

The Practicum Application will be available on the Experience York Platform, where students will also be able to track their progress on all the stages of the practicum.  Students will be notified when they have been given access to the Practicum Application on Experience York.

The Application is due on May 18, 2020 and includes a General Interest Questionnaire and supplemental documents (resume, statement of interest, two references, and Cost of Living Worksheet).


As you prepare your application, keep in mind the following considerations about the experience.

  • Are you on track to complete the course prerequisites?
  • How will you cover associated costs?
  • How will you manage your time?
    This practicum requires: attendance at three full-day, mandatory preparatory workshops, a commitment of 250 hours to the practicum partner and participation in bi-weekly (online) seminars with the practicum course director, completion of associated assignments, attendance at the debrief seminar and the associated two-week research capstone course.
  • Are you able to be away from any current commitments (e.g. family, employment, etc.)?
  • How will you maintain connection with family and friends if travelling (i.e. technical and relational)?
  • Which geographic location would be most appropriate for your global health interests?

Additional Resources

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