Global Health Practicum

The Integrated Global Health Practicum is the second last course in York’s Specialized Honours (4-year) Global Health BA/BSc program. Designed to bridge theory and practice in a variety of health-related settings, the practicum is an 11 week (250 hour) research and practice based experience that is planned, supervised, and evaluated. Students are mentored and supported by qualified supervisors in the placement site as well as the course professor. The course also includes an online component with reflective and applied assignments. Upon completion of the practicum, students participate in a separate two-week intensive Research Capstone course in order to share their learning through seminars.

Practicum placements are organized, where possible, in accordance with the students’ chosen area of concentration, of which there are four: Global Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; Global Health and the Environment; Global Health Policy, Management, and Systems; and Global e-Health.

The Integrated Practicum course is a unique opportunity for students to learn how to apply global health concepts, methods, and theory in health-related settings in Canada and globally. In addition, the practicum enables students to develop attributes needed for career development.

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