Global Health (BA, BSc) Courses

All students in both the BA Specialized Honours Global Health (120 credits) and BSc Specialized Honours Global Health (120 credits) degree programs are required to take core courses worth 60 credits.

Global Health students are also required to choose an area of concentration shaped to their individual career interests. The areas of concentration are: Global E-Health;  Global Health Policy, Management and Systems;  Global Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; and Global Health and the Environment.  An additional minimum of 21 credits from approved elective courses must be completed within the chosen concentration. Your choice of concentration  will determine the  elective choices.

The following are the required core courses (60 credits)  for the BA Specialized Honours Global Health and BSc Specialized Honours Global Health degree programs  and the approved elective courses for each of the concentrations.  Dependent on the degree type (BA or BSc), there will be additional degree requirements.

Required Courses

HH/IHST 1000 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Health
HH/IHST 1010 Foundations of Health Studies
HH/IHST 2000 Global Health Policy: Power and Politics
HH/IHST 2010 Global Health Research Methods & Measurement
HH/IHST 2100 Chronic Diseases and Care
HH/IHST 2200 Determinants of Health: Local to Global
HH/IHST 3000 Epidemiological Approaches to Global Health
HH/IHST 3100 Communicable Diseases and Care
HH/IHST 3545 Promoting Global Health
HH/IHST 3740 Healthcare Planning for Communities
HH/IHST 4010 Health Care Ethics
HH/IHST 4100 Program Planning
HH/IHST 4200 Global Health Governance and Leadership
HH/IHST 4300 Integrated Global Health Practicum
HH/IHST 4400 Applied Global Health Research Capstone (2-week intensive)
HH/IHST 4510 Global Health and Human Rights

Elective Courses for Global E-Health

Explores global health informatics, health information systems, virtual communities, and use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the health care service sector.

HH/HLST 2050 Global Health Informatics
HH/HLST 3330 Global eHealth/Virtual Communities
HH/HLST 3341 Health Information Systems
HH/HLST 4320 eHealth
HH/HLST 4330 Decision Making and Decision Support Systems
HH/HLST 4340 Health Technology Assessment
HH/NURS 3240 Electronic Data Systems: An Analytical Examination of Human Caring and Technology OR
HH/NURS 4210 Privacy and Security Principles and Applications in Health Care

Elective Courses for Global Health Policy, Management and Systems

Explores the political, administrative, sociocultural and economic factors influencing global health policy, management, and systems.

AP/ECON 1000 Microeconomics
HH/HLST 2060 Introduction to Healthcare System Dynamics
HH/HLST 3450 Financing and Resources for Global Health
HH/HLST 3540 International Agencies in Health Care
HH/HLST 3550 Global Health Architecture
HH/HLST 4110 Comparative Health Policy
HH/HLST 4520 Contemporary Migration and Health
HH/HLST 4100 Advanced Contemporary Health Policy OR
HH/HLST 4130 Public Policy and Disability

Elective Courses for Global Health Promotion and Disease

Explores interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches to health promotion and disease prevention with individuals, groups, communities and populations, including human biology, health psychology, health education, and epidemiological, critical and structural approaches.

HH/HLST 3011 Structural Approaches to Health Promotion and Education
HH/HLST 3520 Lifespan Approaches to Health: Societal Influences on Human Development
HH/KINE 3100 Health Psychology and Kinesiology
HH/KINE 3645 Physical Activity and Health Promotion
HH/KINE 4140 Nutrition & Human Diseases
HH/KINE 4518 Molecular Basis of Selected Diseases
HH/KINE 4565 Epidemiology of Injury Prevention
HH/KINE 4640 Lifestyles and Current Health Issues
HH/KINE 4710 Psychology of Health and Chronic Disease
HH/KINE 4900 Therapy for Chronic Diseases
HH/NURS 3130 Health and Healing: Promoting Health and Healing with Individuals and Families
HH/PSYC 3170 Health Psychology

Elective Courses for Global Health and the Environment

Explores complex environmental dimensions in relation to health, including cultural, artistic and communicative aspects; development and globalization; urban infrastructure and sustainability; and environmental and eco-health.

ES/ENVS 2100 Foundations in Environment and Culture: Philosophy, arts, technology and education
ES/ENVS 2122 Community Arts for Social Change
ES/ENVS 2200 Foundations of Urban and Regional Environments: Analysis, planning and design
ES/ENVS 2300 Foundations of Environmental Politics: development, globalization and justice
ES/ENVS 2410 The Science of Pollution: Impacts on the environment and human health
ES/ENVS 3110 Scientific Knowledge and environmental issues
ES/ENVS 3125 Popular Education for Environmental and Social Justice
ES/ENVS 3150 Human/Animal relations
ES/ENVS 3226 Sustainable Urbanism: Environmental planning and design
ES/ENVS 3227 Urban Planning and Practice in the Global South
ES/ENVS 3310 Tropical conservation and sustainable development
ES/ENVS 3320 Gender, Nature: Ecofeminist Perspectives
ES/ENVS 3340 Global Environmental Politics
ES/ENVS 3400 Introduction to climate change science and policy
ES/ENVS 3430 Environmental Assessment
ES/ENVS 3440 Resource Management
ES/ENVS 3450 Environment and Health: Social and political dimensions
ES/ENVS 4205 HIV and globalization: Where do we go from here?
ES/ENVS 4223 Global Cities
ES/ENVS 4230 Design for sustainability in the built environment
ES/ENVS 4312 Global justice and International Humanitarianism
ES/ENVS 4320 Gender and development
ES/ENVS 4430 Impact assessment process and practice
ES/ENVS 4440 Environmental disasters
ES/ENVS 4523 Systems thinking in environmental studies
ES/ENVS 4810 International field course: ecology and sustainability in Costa Rica